Zhaoqi Guo's fee for a first visit - medical history interview and a first treatment - is $90.00. Subsequent hour long treatments are $60.00. Patients are considered new patients after one year without visits.

His clinic, under two miles away from Parliament Hill, has nine sterile beds. Acupuncture needles are in hermetically sealed packages and are disposable. An added plus of acupuncture is that it is drug free and painless.

Health professionals maintain that not only is acupuncture effective but it is inexpensive. Once a resident of Ontario walks through the portal of an Emergency Ward in an Ottawa Hospital, the meter begins running at $250.00 per. Prescribed drugs and referrals to a general practitioner or a specialist can drive the costs to OHIP through the roof. Most private medical plans accept acupuncture treatments and reimburse users. Many family doctors routinely refer their patients to Zhaoqi Guo.

Acupuncture is painless, inexpensive drug-free alternative medicine. Ontario does not provide for acupuncture under its provincial hospital plan (OHIP) but four Canadian provinces – Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick – include it in health plan coverage, as do most private health plans.

Two billion people around the world turn to acupuncture for relief. The healing science is 5,000 years old but it was not until 1986 that a team of French medical researchers, using a radioactive isotope, found there is a second “channel” in the body – paralleling the blood circulation system.

Within this hitherto unknown channel, blood and energy circulate, interact and are linked to nerves, blood and body fluids.

Many diseases can be treated by acupuncture. Please read how the following diseases were successfully treated: