Arthritis is a common disease affecting Canadians.

Arthritis is a systemic disease affecting joints and other components of the musculoskeletal system. In reality, it affects some joints more than others. Over 95 per cent of Canadians arthritis patients experience knee or hip pain. For many patients, the pain becomes so severe that they turn to surgery for relief. Hip and knee replacement are serious procedures. They should only become an option once the cartilage has completely disappeared.

Acupuncture is a reliable and efficient alternative before the disease becomes this severe.

Zhaoqi Guo, trained by his father, has perfected a special acupuncture treatment for arthritis. When there are no complications, this treatment can stop arthritic knee/hip pain promptly. The treatment is still effective in the presence of a torn ligament, a torn meniscus disc or a cyst in the joints. It just needs more time to deliver the benefits.

Many people believe that there is no cure for arthritis. Zhaoqi Guo can make arthritis pain disappear promptly for most patients. He can also use acupuncture to help patients manage the chronic aspect of arthritis. For an early stage rheumatoid arthritis, acupuncture has the potential of being a cure. Zhaoqi Guo will suggest changes to the diet and life style. Acupuncture combined with such changes has the potential of curing rheumatoid arthritis. Patients can expect slow and dramatic improvements for osteoarthritis.

The Sino Acupuncture Clinic is currently seeking patients suffering from knee and/or hip arthritis. Please contact us for more information.