Zhaoqi Guo's Bonsais

Even Healers Need Healing

Zhaoqi Guo spends almost 50 hours, spread over six days, every week on his feet ministering to his patients. The only therapeutic diversion he permits himself is the cultivation and care of his miniature bonsai garden.

Please note that Zhaoqi Guo does not sell his bonsais, he only wants to share his passion with you.

The "tree" in the following pictures started out in life many years ago, in 1995, as a tiny leafy plant. Zhaoqi Guo forced it to mutate into a "tree", which was only 41 mm in height on the picture with the ruler taken in 2009.

41 mm Bonsai Tree


The bonsai in the picture on the right is also only a few mm high and is about 5 years old.


Zhaoqi Guo received this bonsai from a patient in 2002. The patient got it in 1992 meaning it is at least 18 years old. It is more than likely over 30 years old.


Finally, another very nice bonsai that Zhaoqi Guo is very proud of. This bonsai was in its flowering stage when the picture was taken.