About the Clinic

The healing science of acupuncture is known to be more than 5,000 years old and today more than two billion people use it as their primary source of medical treatment. Ottawa acupuncturist, Zhaoqi Guo has taken the science to where it has never been before as he pioneers in healing. He offers treatments and relief from conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Coronary Artery Disease, terminal cancer cases, Chron’s Disease, Lupus, Mononucleosis, viruses such as H1N1 and scores of other afflictions.

Close your eyes and conjure up a mind’s eye image of a conventional doctor’s waiting room. There is little eye contact, scarcely any conversations as patients study their shoes, the walls or read back issues of National Geographic or Readers Digest.

Zhaiqi Guo’s waiting room is often filled up with many patients. There is laughter and animated conversations as patients compare notes. They are telling one another their conditions are showing improvement and they are feeling better. They share their medical problems freely with one another.

Zhaoqi, too, shares his breakthroughs with colleagues around the world.

He astounded 5,000 delegates at the World Conference on Acupuncture in New York with his paper on fast-tracking a cure for Mononucleosis. He was awarded the annual gathering’s Award of Excellence for the paper.

In November of 2009, in Bejing, China, he shared his findings on a quick fix for H1N1 ‘flu virus with delegates to another international conference.

At a symposium in Gold Coast, Australia, he presented a paper on his success in reducing and normalizing cholesterol.

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